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Our Services

At Krolicki Masonry we have an experienced and talented team of experts that are ready to repair the masonry of your home or business. From large scale jobs such as widespread mortar repair to small, single brick touch ups, we are equipped to take on any project. We are experts in our field and can also tuckpoint or restore damaged mailboxes and masonry pillars to their former glory. Our team of specialists at Krolicki Masonry delivers a top of the line masonry service to customers throughout the GTA.

The main cause of damage to masonry is water damage. The maintenance and repair of mortar joints is essential to keeping your masonry work in good condition. Keeping an eye on the condition of your home's mortar joints will alert you to problems sooner and allow you to take low cost, preventative measures before the real damage begins.

At Krolicki Masonry, we advise our customers to make a visual assessment of their property's brickwork at least once a year. Indications that your home needs attention are:

  • Damp patches on interior walls or exterior walls
  • Peeling wallpaper, blistered paint and stains on the ceiling
  • White stains (efflorescence) on the outside of the masonry chimney
  • Eroded mortar joints or crumbling bricks
  • Should you notice any of the above warning signs at your home, please get in touch with Krolicki Masonry for a free consultation and a no-obligation quote.

The wide range of masonry services we provide includes:

Brick Restoration & Construction

Brick repair is a fine art that requires our Toronto specialists have a great deal of patience and take pride in their work. We are only satisfied with our work when you are. If we have provided you with a brick repair or brick replacement service we will ensure that our work is of the highest possible standard.

Chimneys & Repair

Our Toronto based team is fully able to repair chimneys regardless of the damage. We offer extensive repairs including full chimney rebuilding that will be completed in a timely and professional manner. However, proactive, preventative care to avoid further damage is the recommended course of action for most homeowners. We can protect your home from long term damage and costly solutions through chimney pointing and chimney repair for a fraction of the cost that a chimney rebuild would be.

We also provide tuckpointing and general mortar repair services that act as an essential part of masonry care and protection.