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Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

Chimneys used for commercial or residential purposes, are meant to vent the combustion smoke. In case of any leakage, crack or remains unclean, it can get damaged over time.

To avoid such risks, Krolicki Masonry offers hassle-free services to restore your old, damaged chimneys.

Since 1988, our company commits to provide complete chimney repair & rebuilding solutions for residential & industrial buildings in Toronto at very economical prices. We are the Toronto Chimney repair experts are ready to assist any project size to meet your different chimney needs:
Chimney repair
Chimney restoration
Chimney rebuilding
Chimney pointing

Chimney breakdown can be due to the following:

  • The crack in masonry or metal which surrounds flues or outlets.
  • Blockage caused due to waste or debris falling in it.
  • Deteriorating masonry chimney.
  • Inadequate venting due to flue block.
  • Chimney brick or mortar work damage by rain water or flashing leaks from roof.
  • Not used for long gives room for bird-nests over time.
  • Any natural damage.

Our chimney professionals & well-trained labor force detect chimney problems such as: roof leaks & flashing, lose pieces of concrete brick, chimney crown repair, cleaning & address the need of special tools and provide ideal repair solution.

Contact: 416-729-8515
We diagnose every feature before fixing any chimney solution.